Valentine Contest: Week Three, Winners!

Image 11 Day One: Name the Characters

Movie name and cast: To Catch a Thief starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

Correct Answer: Frances Stevens – John Robie

Entries: 18

Winners: 13

mercypaul, jiasardar, polkadots78, linnete, monalisaa1, GrumpyTummy, amv63, namita111, Anamika2000, mamsinonsi, mayurisb80, ifanamika100, kar1sma


Image 5 Day Two: There NEVER was a woman like…

Movie name and cast: Gilda starring Rita Hayworth and Joseph Calleia

Correct Answer: Gilda (not the actress herself – see the movie poster )

Entries: 20

Winners: 12

polkadots78, ifanamika100, mercypaul, charminggenie, linnete, jiasardar, amv63, GrumpyTummy, Shurtee7, Anamika2000, kar1sma, mayurisb80, 


Image 10 Day Three: Who was Norma’s love interest in the movie?

Movie name and cast: Some Like it Hot starring Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jean) and Tony Curtis

Correct Answer: Joe 

Entries: 14

Winners: 12

monalisaa1, jiasardar, mamsinonsi, charminggenie, mayabhi, naushi78, Anamika2000, GrumpyTummy, linnete, amv63, kar1sma, namita111


Congratulations to all the winners of the last three weeks. Now, it’s time for…

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