Paroxyism of 2014

The above song is to remind myself that I am not a person prone to fit-throwing. Honestly, complaining is one of my pet peeves. I’m too optimistic to tolerate it for long. So this will be a short post.

Here goes: My Blog of Offense

I AM OFFENDED BY (in no particular order):

… People who subscribe to labels that are being used to divide us. (As a writer, I understand them, some times, but mostly it just gets on my nerves that we, as human beings would demean, reduce, and dilute what we are to satisfy someone elses’ idea of who we should be.

… People who jump to conclusions. (Even though I am guilty of this myself)

Generally, persons who judge others. Specifically, people who form opinions on matters before they even think of asking questions.

… People who react violently to a situation they don’t like.

I am offended by the consumerist mindset that bankrupts the meaning of Christmas.

I am offended by popular use of the term “Happy Holidays.”

I am offended by mass medias subjugation of information; the small-minded way they report the “News”. I don’t care about the personal choices of Celebrities. I want world events. Honest news. Give me facts, not opinions sprinkled among comments that are taken out of context. Give me the information and I will use my own brain to form my own opinion, without their help. Disagree? Well, below is a short video that shows that the way and wording used to relay information can influence a persons opinion and ultimately, make false impressions and even memories:

I am offended that we–who are supposedly intelligent human beings before we are a color, gender, religion, or orientation–put up with so much nonsense!

 I am offended by most aspects of our small-minded society.eleanorroosevelt385439

 I am offended by people who think it’s okay to follow just because someone is leading. It’s almost like a “pack-mind” has entered our society. I think it more important than ever to stand still. To watch. To ask questions and demand answers. To listen for the truth. Then, decide for yourself what is the best course of action.

I am offended by people who vote, but don’t take the time to learn about an initiative or measure by first reading the voter guide.

I am offended by twerking Junior High kids.

… Miley Cyrus. On general principle.

I am offended by Kim Kardashian. That this beautiful woman who’s had enough savvy to make it to the position she’s in, would then reduce herself to a sweaty, white-knuckled centerfold.

I am offended by the term “reverse racism” which implies, one cannot be racist if they are not white. As if judging someone by their skin color is exclusive to those of us who lack one.

I am offended by people who openly admit they do not trust their elected government representatives, then vote to give them more power over our everyday lives. It just makes no sense!

This is Walter Peyton. The wonderful, loving, handful of a pitbull we rescued last year.

I am offended that Walter Payton wont keep hiss @ss off my bed! I love you, Walter, but I need boundaries.

I am offended by people who don’t think that farts are funny. You’re wrong.

I am offended by people who will disrupt the flow of traffic, pull over, get out their, and chase down a loose dog, but get annoyed by Feed The Children commercials.

And lastly, I am offended by reality television, because it tries to draw us in, make us care about and invest in the lives of people we do not know–to the point where we forget that we are not living our own lives anymore.

That’s it for my 2014 rant. That was longer than I expected it to be, but I have been holding it in all year.

8 thoughts on “Paroxyism of 2014

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  2. This post was awesome and I agree with so much of it! I’m curious what you have against the use of “happy holidays” – only because I use it often at this time of year because it prevents me from making assumptions about people’s religious practices. The purpose, for me, is to avoid offending someone, but perhaps I am missing something and offending them anyway. I hope not :).

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