Sons of Anarchy: Recap

I’ve waited to blog about what’s next. Being that there’s no episode airing this week and only two episodes left.

If you missed the latest episode of Sons Of Anarchy, Suits of Woe, try here. If you’re looking for an in depth recap, click here.


First of all, I’ve got to give major props to Charlie Hunnam. He’s played the role of our beloved Son, Jax Teller. And from day one, he’s nailed this character. Even though his accent slipped out a little in some of the most emotional scenes… there is no one else who could have played this role. As Jax, Hunnam brings the perfect combination of heartbreak and rage.


Bye bye Juicy.
The scene between Jax and Juice was not the first to make me cry. In fact, I was teary through the past three episodes. Partly due to knowing this show is going to end, and partly because I cannot fathom a happy ending. Not for anyone.


Certainly not for Gemma.
She’s breaking hearts left and right.
Maybe Nero can get one. After he’s licked his wounds and wallowed for a while. We saw how devastated he was upon hearing what his lady love did. He’s been upfront with Gemma and Jax from day one. He’s remained stoic amid all the crap that comes with being anywhere near Samcro.


And in the final moments of last week’s episode, we saw Jax open up the the only family he had left after Gemma went MIA.
Needless to say, I was bawling–big snotty sobs–at that point.

How could she do this to Tara?


It was heartbreaking, seeing that pain surface. We felt it right along with him.

Here’s a video recap of last week’s episode.
(I’d set it in the post, but I’m blogging from my phone)
Last week’s show moved so quickly. So much happened in that 90 minute episode and every moment of it was riveting. I’m curious what’s going to happen next week. Jax is facing the possibility of Meeting Mayhem, the Chinese retaliation for Lin, and who could forget the ever looming threat of August Marx.
What about you guys? Do any of you see a happy ending for Samcro?

6 thoughts on “Sons of Anarchy: Recap

    1. It really is very good! The creator and writer, Kurt Sutter is gritty, yet thoughtful in his character development and story lines. I recommend you watch it from season 1, since its gonna be over in a few weeks. Netflix has almost all of the episodes.

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