Pure of Heart

I’m reblogging this post because it’s awesome and it speaks to my heart.

The Fickle Heartbeat

I Met Him, My True Love

Shared by Bridget Maria Rose

I have never walked on such a fragile line with anyone before. But I cannot forget the feeling or forget him…..

Maybe I’m in love with you when I have no reason to be at all, and maybe I fall for people too fast and care too much. Maybe I misread situations and misjudge people. Maybe I don’t always make the right choice. But I only have the best and purest of intentions. And I need someone to know that right now.

I feel I haven’t been able to catch a break lately.. but you can’t always use that as an excuse. We all make mistakes and take wrong turns every now and then. That’s life. None of us are perfect. We are flawed people, but it makes us all the more worth loving. ♥

Some of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received have…

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