Between Octobers is Back

I am reblogging this post… For obvious reasons.
First, because Christas blog, My Sweet Delirium, is awesome
And second, because the post is about me!

Christa Wojciechowski

My dear friend and critique partner, AR Rivera, is re-releasing her romantic suspense novel, Between Octobers. Why re-release, you ask?

A small indie press snatched her up and the book was doing wonderfully, but the publisher had to shut down. Devastating, right?

Well, not for this author. AR Rivera saw the opportunity to make the book better. She updated the manuscript, and although the first cover was beautiful, it really didn’t match the dark, edginess of the story.

So, here is the new cover. Ta-da!

Between Octobers by AR Rivera Moments are powerful. Just one can destroy everything.


Happy endings have often eluded Grace Zuniga. Now, as she finds herself facing down deadly trouble, she is hoping and praying the pattern will change.

When Grace wakes up in a dark, confined space with no memory of how she got there, the fear is nearly crippling. There are two thoughts keeping her from…

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