Still Foolin’ ‘Em, by Billy Crystal

I am reblogging this post from “Blogging For A Good Book” because I loved this book and I love this post. I have loved Billy Crystal for my entire adult life. His humor is unique and his talent is endless.
I listened to this audiobook–which I totally recommend if you want the full emotional and comedic effect–and fell in love with his talent all over again.
I had no idea he was so sentimental. That type of emotional vulnerability is not something you find every day.
His life stories are gripping and well-told. I wish he’d write more.

Blogging for a Good Book

billycIn yesterday’s review of Furious Cool, Benjamin commented on the dark side of a famous comedian’s character. Today, things lighten up with this review of another comedian’s life story: 

My first memory of Billy Crystal was his character Jodie Dallas on the sitcom SOAP.  Crystal’s sense of humor, genuine intelligence, and honest delivery were evident then, as they are throughout this autobiographical memoir.  In this book he is both funny and poignant.

Crystal’s writing style is relaxed, delivered much like a comedian’s stage act.  There are jokes aplenty, and if you are familiar with his comedic style, you will recognize his characters weaved into the book.  Crystal recalls a childhood surrounded by musicians and the entertainment industry, his lifelong addiction to sports, the career impact his impressions of Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell had, his rising star as a standup comic, and his numerous friendships with individuals whose names any reader…

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