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wpid-img_20140802_234151.jpgHappy endings have often eluded Grace Zuniga. Now, as she finds herself facing down deadly trouble, she is hoping and praying the pattern will change.

When Grace wakes up in a dark, confined space with no memory of how she got there, the fear is nearly crippling. There are two thoughts keeping her from losing her head. First, her children: she is all they have left after losing their father. They need her to survive. Though Grace is not sure she can, she’s determined to try. Second, figuring out who took her and how she ended up, trapped, alone, and at the mercy of a person who will do anything to keep her from escaping.

Stumbling through these bleak circumstances, Graces’ mind wanders over the last life-changing year, from one October to the next. She relives the most precious and heart-rending moments that led to her kidnapping.

The previous October, when Grace stepped inside an elevator and into the life of enigmatic actor Rhys Matthews, it all began. But Grace must ask herself, “where will it end?”



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