Why Follow these 3 Top Rules on Social Media?

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m always on Twitter. I’m also an author who uses Twitter/facebook/pinterest/google+ to connect and spread the word about my writing.
So, this sounds like great advice!

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No one joins Twitter, FB, Google+ or Pinterest to constantly read about your book. That’s not very entertaining or interesting at all. Some writers don’t buy books from other writers, they want to sell their own. If ALL writers are doing on Twitter, Google+ or FB is self-promoting they are not only NOT attracting readers, but turning potential book buyers away.

Yes, famous writers may attract attention for what they have to say – not normally related to their books – but rather to their writer’s life or ideas – and they are often interesting or funny. It’s called social networks not selling pages… Authors should rather focus their promotional efforts on trying to get people to talk about things and yes, even about their fellow writer’s books:

  • by reviewing them,
  • reading and recommending them,
  • taking them to their book groups,
  • writing articles or blog posts about their…

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