How to Deal With Negative Book Reviews?

I was just thinking of blogging about negative reviews! I still might, but until then, read on!

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It happens to EVERY writer and it hurts you to see someone talk like that about your baby, err novel…  At first, you just sit there, stunned. Unable to believe anyone would take such offense. Schock. Anger… Don’t panic. Negative book reviews, especially those that are potentially malicious, are near the top list of nightmare scenarios for every writer. You have been putting your heart and soul into pursuing your passion. So it is understandable when you would like to act first in the face of negativity and have regrets later. Please don’t!  Hold your tongue.

It makes no difference if you won the Pulitzer Price, or if you teach English in high school classes, or how many books you have sold. Check it out, many negative reviews show up on Bestseller books pages online too! In most cases this reviewer would never tell you the same directly in…

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