My Trekkie Dreams are Becoming Real: NASA’s Warp Drive Ship

I don’t consider myself a Trekkie, but wholly cow, this is freaking awesome!

Abby J. Reed

Guys, it’s happening. It’s really, really happening.

*bounces off walls* *throws confetti* *pulls out massive scientific dictionary*


NASA has started working on a warp drive ship that can travel hyper-fast (think faster-than-light). If they can actually build the ship, it could reach Alpha-Centuari, the closest star to us, which is still over 4 light years away, in only 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS.

Trekkies, rejoice. And they are naming this ship the IXS Enterprise:

Enterprise You can find more photos of the ship in the designer’s Flicker account here

I know, I know, you’re probably wondering how this ship could work if Einstein’s law of nothing-can-travel-faster-than-the-speed-of-light holds true.

Warning: filtered science ahead as best explained as I can understand it

Physicists have found a theoretical loophole. Since spacetime has no mass (think about that for a second—space has no mass. Mind bendy), it can travel at…

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