Me vs. She

Mother’s Day is only a few days away and the hoopla is everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, Moms are important. But around my house Mother’s Day isn’t a big deal. My husband calls or drives to see his mom and, since mine is several states away, I will call her and tell her how wonderful she is and how grateful I am that she, out of all the mothers in the history of this planet, was chosen to be mine.

As for my own motherhood…meh.

I go through this ritual every year it seems. I watch or hear commercials that tell me what a wonderful and deserving person I am.Wonderful? Why, yes–thank you. But deserving of all the overpriced, calorie-packed, non-essentials every businesses are peddling? Jury’s still out.

It’s the ridiculous ads that always get me wanting things I normally never would.See, excluding writing-related items, I’m somewhat of a minimalist. I don’t wear much jewelry, I’m trying to cut out the sweets because I want to lose weight (no more new clothes until I’m skinny!). If I’ve got one pair of decent sneakers, I’m good. One, semi-stylish skirt is fine.Yet, I have gotten caught up staring longingly at racks full of clothes I would never wear and jewelry I have no use for.

The things I truly want are mostly things I have already: happy, healthy family, bills are paid, there’s food in the fridge, and money in the bank.

Truly, if I could have anything I might want a huge chunk of time, just for me, to write. (Between you, me, and the ether, that’s not likely to happen)

All this got me thinking… What do other mothers want? Is it normal for most families to spend money on gifts?

In effort to find an answer, I have taken the liberty of checking out a few websites who claim to have answers:


A new report finds 6 in 10 moms say their immediate family should spend cash on a gift this year, according to a survey from …If you’re stressing out over what to gift mom with this year, it turns out the most desired presents are a day at the spa or a nice meal, accordingto the report.


Just because you are buying a gift for your mom, or wife, don’t rule out buying a tech gadget (women have been on board for the technological revolution too, remember). Also, it never hurts to pamper mom on her big day.


Forget the hints and consumer surveys: tapping into what mothers really want for Mother’s Day… is just as simple as asking.

…Mother’s Day coincides with fancy brunches and gifts, sometimes, moms just wants the basics. They want to sleep in (past 7 a.m.), eat breakfast in bed and most importantly, spend as much quality time as they can with their kids. And alone. Let’s not pretend that’s not important too.

So… something that costs money. Spa days, electronics, and… alone time?

Huh. Maybe I’m not so different.

I think the Huff Post came the closest. As my mother likes to say, “If you want to know, you have to ask.”

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

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