Where do you get your #writingtips?

langstonhughesAs my publication date approaches, I’ve been thinking over my literary journey.

It feels like not so long ago, I was leaping and lurking between blogs, vlogs, and a plethora of other sites, sponging every bit of information I could in effort to learn how to do that one thing, that impossible thing that I now find myself on the cusp of–being published.

As I move forward, I’d like to reach back, grab what I’ve learned, and toss it to anyone who does not wish to know the answer to that question:

“What becomes of a dream deferred?”

I know there are thousands of talented, wonderful, helpful writers out there. I happen to come across several of their sites and tweets these last few years. And the advice I received has proven invaluable.
As a sort of homage to them, I’m posting links to the pages where I found this treasure-trove of knowledge.
The Daily Dahlia is a blog I regularly read. Miss D’s blog full of super-helpful goodness. I suggest thoroughly searching her site. Which, you can find here.
Brenda Drake is another wonderful blogger and author whose posts have been muey helpful. She also gets together with a lovely group of awesome agents to host a twitter pitch contest. If you’ve never heard of #Pitchmadness (aka pitmad) I suggest you check it out.
Nathan Bransford is another author who regularly throws bones to newbs like myself. He’s got lots of advice on do’s and dont’s.
Query Shark is one of those super useful sights that will help you with anything related to query letters. Be aware, though. SHARK is in the title for a reason.
  Kelsey Macke is another blogger whose advice encouraged and pointed me in the right direction. She also has rockin’ Vlog that you can find here. I suggest everyone watch at least one episode. She’s cute and quirky, and a real fast talker!

Through these sites listed above, you should be able to find enough resources to begin building your author platform. If you don’t know what that is, Look here. Or here. OR here.

Remember, even if you’ve been told no a thousand times, all you need is one yes.
You can never succeed if you stop trying. 

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