Mama Bear: Part 2

Inside she was grizzled with the knowledge of what she'd done. The feel of the short knife left a burning impression in her hand. She felt bad in the sense that she had taken a life, though no part of her felt that Chester's life could be considered human.

Mama Bear: Part 1

Since I am currently adapting Mama Bear into a screenplay, I thought I'd repost the story. Enjoy! She stood in the kitchen chewing her bottom lip. Her gloves were already on. She needed 3 more things. First, the knife and measuring cup: Her heart was pounding as she reached deep into the back of the …

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Trembling Places: a Short Story

*Warning: the following short story contains images of violence and language.* We’d been driving all night, and I needed to pee. I could tell by the look on Jades face that he wasn’t going to pull over. We weren’t in a hurry or anything, he was just in one of those moods where if I …

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