Mama Bear: Part 2

Inside she was grizzled with the knowledge of what she'd done. The feel of the short knife left a burning impression in her hand. She felt bad in the sense that she had taken a life, though no part of her felt that Chester's life could be considered human.

Mama Bear: Part 7

"Of course, I killed him," Claire whispered, irritated. Why did she have to say it out loud? Their visit had been going so well, too. David had arrived earlier than expected. Together, they'd taken the kids to the beach and went for walks in the woods. Cub 1 found a piece of sea glass and …

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Mama Bear: Part 6

Parts 1  2  3  4  5   Claire was making one last pass through the upstairs, double-checking the locks when she heard the phone. It broke her beloved silence with its shrill electronic ring. She raced to the dining room and grabbed her cellphone, "Hello?" and checked the time. It was nearly eleven. Why would …

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