I am a firm believer in the run-on sentence, and am well-known for my deep devotion to the use of commas. And I love starting sentences with coordinating conjunctions. But if that bothers any of the grammar hounds out there, you can tell me all about it here. *not really*
A few random facts:
**All of my books are reasonably priced and most really long and have main characters with lives much more interesting than mine.
**I also write screenplays
**Lots of my writing is available to read, FREE, on WATTPAD.
**Sarcasm is a craft I have been honing since I was a know-it-all teen. It is now too advanced for most people to understand.
**I am happily married. The Hubby and I propagated 75% of the people which make up 50% of the promising rock band, Forgotten Faces
**I’m currently hard at work (HA! Like writing is hard!) on many projects, so don’t forget to Subscribe to get notified when I post!

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I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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