Rambling Monday

I need a new series or book or something to read.
I’m writing and reading like usual, but something is missing . . .

You ever get that feeling? Like, you’re reading a book, or the past five or ten books, and somewhere inside your brain you’re thinking: “Have I read this before?”
Not meaning literally, but figuratively. You (or me in this instance) are feeling like you know exactly where the plot is going and even if the events don’t play out exactly like you expect the overall ending is predictable.
This is my current problem.
With the exception of an upcoming novella called SICK by the talented writer, Christa Wojo (whom I am lucky enough to call my writer-friend and critique partner), I have that feeling about nearly everything I’ve read lately.


I’m bored, literarily speaking.
I want new stories with surprising characters and unconventional story lines. I don’t need weird aliens or cannibalism, either. Just something new. Some characters or plots and things that I can get lost in.


Thanks for listening.


If you have any book recommendations, leave them in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Rambling Monday

  1. Margot Kinberg

    For what it’s worth, when I feel that way, I find that reading something outside my genre – a genre I’ve never tried before – is helpful. For instance, if you’ve never read a Western, or a vampire novel, or….or…or…. then try it. It might just ‘ wake you up.’

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