Forrest Gump Was Wrong

Bob Mayer

Gump ShitActually, he only half said it. While running across the country he stepped some shit and the guy running next to him pointed it out and Gump said: It Happens.

So I’ve got my new series: It Doesn’t Just Happen: The Gift of Failure.

Each book covers seven major catastrophes, listing the six cascade events leading up to the final event, the catastrophe, using my Rule of Seven.

I was 36,000 feet above New Mexico, flying back from the Veteran’s Book Fair, and I was thinking about Air France Flight 471, which fell from that altitude into the ocean in a little over 4 minutes. A perfectly good plane (except for a frozen pitot for the air speed indicator). The co-pilot over-reacted, stalled the plane, and then couldn’t figure out exactly was going on. The pilot was ‘sleeping’ and took over a minute to get from the small…

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